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Life is different now, for so many reasons. Who you are – and who you thought you would be – is changing. Learn simple, practical, step-by-step strategies for gaining clarity about what you really want, making guilt-free decisions that support all aspects of your well-being, and letting go of the need to be everything to everyone. All it will take is a small shift in your thinking.

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Don’t know your purpose?
Don’t know your purpose?

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to “find our purpose.” Sitting in that space of uncertainty, feeling as if you’re wasting time or that “everyone else seems to know why they’re on this planet” except you can be suffocating. With time, if you don’t get an answer...

Your Brain Might Be Keeping You Stuck
Your Brain Might Be Keeping You Stuck

You may have heard the self-help message “what you think about, you bring about.” Maybe these words ring true for you, and maybe you wonder what the heck this concept is all about. On the surface, the may idea seem like it’s wrapped in rainbows and guarded by...

What’s your “David”?
What’s your “David”?

The story goes that when asked how he was able to carve the statue of David, Michelangelo explained that he chipped away everything that didn’t look like David. It’s a fabulous peek into the mind of a creative genius. And it’s also a pretty good guideline for finding the masterpiece in your own life.

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