What if the key to having the life of your dreams is to forget about “having it all”?

Learn simple, practical, step-by-step

strategies for gaining clarity about what you

really want, making guilt-free decisions that

support all aspects of your well-being, and

letting go of the need to be perfect. All it will

take is a small shift in your thinking. 

Let’s get started!


I’m not a goddess.
I’m not a goddess.

I have a confession that flies in the face of pretty much everything  you might be seeing on your social media feed right now: I’m not a goddess. Not only that – and this is likely going to ruffle some feathers – I think the newest trend of calling all women...

The Roles we Play
The Roles we Play

The choices we make and the way we act are influenced by several different things. For example, we act differently based on the environment we’re in. Think about how you act at work versus how you act at a restaurant or at a child’s birthday party. Age also impacts...

The time that’s left
The time that’s left

Every week as I’m getting the compost, recycling and garbage bins ready to take to the curb for pick-up, I always think: Wow, it’s Tuesday again. Where did the past week go? Have you noticed that days seem to blur together – especially now when we’re much more...


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