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The time that’s left
The time that’s left

Every week as I’m getting the compost, recycling and garbage bins ready to take to the curb for pick-up, I always think: Wow, it’s Tuesday again. Where did the past week go? Have you noticed that days seem to blur together – especially now when we’re much more...

24 Hours
24 Hours

I know you’ve read before about high-powered women and how they have same amount of time in a day to achieve miracles, build empires and change lives as you do to get the kids to school (on time, if you’re lucky), get most of your work done before 5 o’clock (but only...

What is Well-Being?
What is Well-Being?

Well-being encompasses physical and mental health, but also emotional, social, spiritual, environmental, professional, and financial health. We tend to focus on the first two aspects of well-being because they often give us the most pain, but all 8 Facets are...


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