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Midlife Alchemy

Life is different now, for so many reasons. Who you are – and who you thought you would be – is changing.

The Midlife Alchemy© mentorship program is the place for women like you who are feeling the stirrings of your soul and know that it’s time to make your move. And you also know you’d benefit from support, guidance, tools and company on the path.

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Are you an over-thinker, too?
Are you an over-thinker, too?

I resisted making the shift from thinking my way through life because I didn’t “think” there could be another way. That’s the trap you can get in when you’re a thinker. Sound familiar?

Midlife ain’t no place for sissies.
Midlife ain’t no place for sissies.

Bette Davis said it first about old age, but it's equally true about the turning points of midlife. What with the body changes of perimenopause and menopause that leave you feeling like a stranger in your own body, to perhaps watching your kids leave the nest (well...

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