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Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold information about your Divine Soul Blueprint, including information about who you are at soul level (before the world started influencing you), what your strengths are, how you are gifted, and what you’re here to experience.

By accessing your Akashic Records, Lisa can help you clarity and direction regarding your path in life. This can involve understanding your unique gifts, talents, and challenges, as well as the lessons and opportunities that are meant to be experienced in this lifetime. Go here to learn more about sessions.

Harmony Session

In these one-on-one virtual intuitive healing and mentorship sessions, Lisa will help you increase your vibration by identifying stagnant energy and balancing the key chakra.

With Lisa’s guidance, you’ll come away with insight about your wellbeing as well as practical steps for moving forward on your soul journey.

One session: $222 USD Book here.

Harmony Series

Four sessions: $777 USD Book here.

For more information about the sessions, go here.

Embodied Wisdom

Whether you are just becoming aware of the stirrings of your soul and are ready to embark on uncovering what’s next for you, or you’re clear on your purpose but wobbling on the follow through, this head-to-toe, all inclusive wisdom embodiment program could give you the support you crave. Learn more here.




Find your Divine Soul Blueprint in the Akashic Records
Find your Divine Soul Blueprint in the Akashic Records

Most great accomplishments in life – like an architectural wonder, for example – come together because of a blueprint. The blueprint takes into account the raw materials available, the terrain, and the purpose of the project. Often, it includes some creative flair!...

I heard the coyotes singing
I heard the coyotes singing

A few weeks back, I led an intimate fire ceremony for some of my family. The purpose of this particular ceremony was to give to the fire anything that no longer served us. We did this by breathing our burdens into our own stick, and then giving each stick, one by one,...

Growth is messy.
Growth is messy.

There’s such a temptation to gloss over spiritual growth. To equate it with puppy dogs and rainbows and an easy road. But growth is naturally messy and cyclical. Look to Nature to be truthful. We are much like seeds planted in the dirt. Blown by the autumn wind or...

What is your soul purpose?

Download the free journal prompts to help you Create Clarity about your Soul Purpose. Contains 20 prompts to spark your imagination about the infinite possibilities for your life.

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