I know you’ve read before about high-powered women and how they have same amount of time in a day to achieve miracles, build empires and change lives as you do to get the kids to school (on time, if you’re lucky), get most of your work done before 5 o’clock (but only if you skip lunch), stop by the grocery store to buy the pre-cooked chicken dinner (again) and decide that spot cleaning the kitchen floor will have to do because you have that meeting tonight at the church/synagogue/mosque.

Your version of this over-filled but rather mundane checklist is likely different, but you get the drift. In short, the message you are meant to take in is that if you aren’t building empires like JLo or Beyonce, you’re failing and the superstar woman is doing life properly. I call Bull Pucky.

As women, we really need to stop negatively comparing ourselves to women who are traveling a different path than we are. Success for one woman is meant to be inspirational, not deflating. And by inspirational, I don’t mean: Hey, do what she did because she’s the best example of being a human. I mean: Cheer her on because she’s doing her thing while you do your different thing. (And if you like something about what she’s doing that you’d like to try, that’s cool, too.)

Plus, reality check. Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce have a team of people working with and for them who help them pull off their ‘miracles.’ Sure, they earned that team through hard work, talent and a little bit of good timing but they achieve what they do by focusing on what is important to them and delegating the tasks that are less important. I mean, do you think any of these women wash their own kitchen floor?

I’m certainly not suggesting that you lower your expectations for what you want to achieve in your life. Instead, I’m encouraging you to define your own expectations. You can’t achieve a goal if you don’t know what you want. How would you like to spend your 24 hours? What can you let go of doing yourself? How can your ‘team’ (partner, kids, family, friends) support you, even if that simply means that they start doing more things for themselves?

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