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I always thought there was a reason that I chose to come to planet Earth. More than just becoming a slave to the system. More than just surviving through another day. More than simply growing old and dying.

To be honest, I’ve felt more than a little bit of an odd ball my whole life. Everyone else seemed to be ok with the status quo. What was my deal?

But I couldn’t let it go.

And so I followed my curiosity. It’s been an interesting journey, and created a lot of parallel paths that never seemed to intersect into The Big Picture.

Until they did.

Here’s what I mean: Because I followed what interested me, I have in-depth knowledge of holistic nutrition, years of expertise as a health researcher and educator, and even a PhD in women’s wellbeing.

After moving to one of the richest growing areas in Canada, I also took to gardening. Big time. I had felt so disconnected from what is real, and I eagerly embraced the idea of growing at least some of the food I eat.

And it’s magical.

Every spring, I’m still tickled when a seed I planted sprouts to life and pops through the soil, reaching for the sun. I see God there.

The more I gardened and the more I learned, the more I understood the importance of companion planting. Of getting rid of water-sucking lawns that give nothing back to Nature. Of choosing native plants that are more rugged in extreme weather and help to anchor the soil – and the best source of food for the pollinators and native butterflies and birds.

I came to understand not only the circle of life, but how many of the choices we make as humans – even in growing our food – cause damage to Mother Earth and all her creatures. I taught about toxins in body care products and things we spray to clean our homes. I started to make my own beeswax candles and skin care to cut down on my carbon footprint, to further reduce the toxins I expose myself to, and because, frankly, I love the creativity of it.

And while I was doing all this learning, the question “but why am I here?” kept bouncing around in my head.

You would have learned in science class that everything is energy, and I became really curious about that. I began to study energy and various forms of energy healing. Over the years, I learned reiki. I learned about my own powerful energy. I began to trust my intuition and my ability to channel wisdom. I developed my dowsing skill which, if you aren’t aware, uses a pendulum to extend my energy field into my fingertips so I can better “see” my intuitive knowing.

I kept gathering knowledge. Experiences. Insights. I kept following my curiosity. Watching for signs.

Then, one day, all the pathways of my curiosity intersected.

In a breath, I understood at a soul level the powerful connection between the spiritual body and the physical body. That spiritual growth is anchored to a physical body, and that a body is sacred space. That spiritual growth depends on being grounded into the vital Earth. That being a steward of Mother Earth is a spiritual responsibility. That each is necessary for the other to flourish. Another circle of life.

In a breath, I realized I am a soul gardener.

I help you tend to your soul growth as you align with your physical body and Mother Earth. I help you learn to grow your consciousness by anchoring into your body. I show you how to use plant medicine, so you heal – and so does Mother Earth. I help you shift and expand your energy so you can find and follow your own soul’s path. A soul gardener, too.

I will continue to grow, like a garden. And as I grow, I will share the bounty. And so it is.

Sending you love,


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