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Lisa Petty, PhD

As a Midlife Alchemist (and crone-in-training), I help women embody midlife as a powerful beginning – rather than the beginning of the end! I got to this place as a result of a few things, including my own journey from midlife fog and confusion to clarity about my own path.

And my own path involved getting a PhD that centred on the well-being of midlife women. My research doctorate focused on the social and cultural expectations that get in the way of women looking after their own well-being, and how women work around those obstacles. What I learned in the process helped me create the clarity I need personally, too.

As women, we’re being smothered by the expectations that others have of us, along with our own high standards for meeting those expectations. For many, the social mantra that women can ‘have it all’ has created a situation in which women feel forced to ‘do it all’ – and do it all perfectly. Women feel exhausted, overwhelmed and sometimes resentful. Maybe you can relate?

Have you started to question who you are now? If you strip away being someone’s partner, mother or daughter, who are you? Have you started to question why you’re here? Do you feel an urge to create or do something – but don’t know what it is? 

After hundreds of interviews, countless hours of conversations, my own journey, plus my experience mentoring women, I’ve formulated a simple, step-by-step strategy that helps women like you identify well-being gaps and get clarity on their next steps. 

If you’re ready to let go of the exhaustion, overwhelm and confusion about what’s next, click through this link to see if the 6 week Midlife Alchemy program is right for you.

Take a tour around the site to check out the blogs and articles. Please also click through this link to join our free Facebook group of like-minded women who want to learn and support each other. We’ll talk about all the expectations that others have of you (and the expectations you have of you!) even though you’re not 20 anymore and your body seems to have a mind of its own. Join me there for Facebook Live coaching sessions where I will share strategies to help you along your own midlife alchemy path.

I hope to see you there!

Dr. Lisa

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