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Lisa Petty, PhD

I am a researcher, teacher and mentor for women and well-being – and I’ve been doing it for close to two decades. I started as a nutritionist and worked for many years helping women achieve their health goals – whether that was weight management, or clearing up their skin, or helping them with insomnia and fatigue. Eventually I realized that women were really struggling to make changes in their lives – even when they really wanted to.

I decided to immerse myself in understanding what was going on with women by going to grad school. I studied behaviour change, and the social and cultural pressures on women. Then I went to the experts: the women themselves. The amazing and generous women in my research shared what obstacles they face every day that get in the way of their well-being.

It became very clear that, as women, we are being smothered by the expectations that others have of us, along with our own high standards for meeting those expectations. For many, the social mantra that women can ‘have it all’ has created a situation in which women feel forced to ‘do it all’ – and do it all perfectly. The women in my research told me the things that made them feel exhausted, overwhelmed and sometimes resentful. Maybe you can relate? They also shared how they get around or over or through those obstacles. The woman also told me the things they tried that worked, and things that didn’t work as they tried to support their well-being.

So after hundreds of interviews, countless hours of conversations plus my own experience mentoring women, I’ve been able to formulate a simple, step-by-step strategy that helps women like you identify the gaps in their well-being and get clarity on what is important in their lives so they can let go of being exhausted, crammed for time and at their wits’ end.

I invite you to take a tour around the site to check out the blogs and articles. Please enjoy the free gifts designed specifically to help you with your well-being goals. And click through the link below to join our free Facebook group of like-minded women who want to learn and support each other. You’ll discover how to assess the 8 facets of well-being in your life so you can see how you’re doing. We’ll talk about all the expectations that others have of you, even though you’re not 20 anymore and your body seems to have a mind of its own. I’ll offer suggestions that will help you create and keep boundaries so you can protect your space and time. We’ll even consider how to manage stress during this crazy time we’re living through! I hope to see you there!

Dr. Lisa

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