I confess.

I’ve lived most of my life from my brain. Rehashing the same thoughts from every angle is my Olympic sport.

I would even say that I “think” my emotions. (If you know, you know.) 🧠

In fact, if you look up overthinker in the dictionary, I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw my headshot.

And I’m grateful for my brain. I really am.

It’s carried me far – all the way to a PhD. 🎓

But relying on my logical way of knowing and creating kept me super-stuck in my life.

I wasn’t able to create the life that made me *feel* good.

  • I felt stuck instead of free.
  • I felt stagnant instead of creative.
  • I felt “less than” instead of what I knew I was capable of.
  • I had “theoretical optimism,” but no true faith that anything would ever, ever change.

And I resisted making the shift from thinking my way through life because I didn’t “think” there could be another way. That’s the trap you can get in when you’re a thinker. Sound familiar? 🤯

Even though I suspected that there was another way of being, I continued doing what I always did. (Textbook definition of you-know-what.)

Eventually, I knew there was a smoother path forward, but I resisted shifting into it. You could call that fear of the unknown, or stubbornness, or still “thinking” that logic is the king of the world. 👑

Finally, I hit the wall. I couldn’t stay on the hamster wheel another moment.

I realized that resistance was futile if I wanted to change my life.

And so I made the shift.  I got out of my head and tuned into my inner knowing.

Now I have a clear understanding of who I am. Making decisions is a snap. I know why I’m here, on this planet, right now. And I have the confidence to let go of the details.

And if you want to know how, it’s both simple and difficult:

  1. Let go of needing to control every aspect of how your visions come alive
  2. Tune into your embodied wisdom
  3. Trust

And if you do, you’ll create some midlife alchemy 🪄 in your own life. I guarantee it.

Many blessings,


PS If you’d like some practice reconnecting with your wellbeing, download the free Wellbeing Check-In.




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