Lately, I’m seeing posts and stories from women who have had enough. Women who have started to admit that they are living a lie. That it’s all too much: Everything that’s being asked of us is Just. Too. Much.
There has got to be more than this, right?
And I don’t mean *more* in the sense of doing more or being more or having more or saying more or showing up more.
I mean *more* in the sense of something different. Living with intention. Finding and engaging with purpose.
There’s got to be *better.* Feeling better. Living better. Loving better.
We have been pulled so far away from what is real in the pursuit of what we’re “supposed to” be doing. We keep our heads down and do what has been programmed into us from the time that we were tiny, tiny, tiny people:
🧩This is how we’re supposed to act.
🧩This is how we’re supposed to look.
🧩This is how we’re supposed to feel.
🧩This is how we’re supposed to Be.
Are you questioning “supposed to”, now? Are you asking the big question: “Says who?”
I’ve been my on my own personal journey of self discovery (for my whole life to be honest), but I’ve taken another really deep dive over the last several months. Perhaps you noticed my absence.
But while I was off the interwebs and putting my business on pause, I re-learned and remembered a lot about myself. It took some time, but I’m finally feeling grounded enough in my new energy to return to sharing and supporting women like you on your journey, too. Stay tuned here as I reveal what I learned that may be helpful for you, as well.
I firmly believe that it’s time for women to step up: To listen to our soul stirrings and do what we came here to do. In fact, I’m counting on it.
Who’s with me?
Much love,
PS I also cut in some bangs – a new look for the new outlook!

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