What’s in a name? Problems with calling it ‘self-care’

Shakespeare suggested that roses would smell sweet no matter what they were called. The idea, of course, is that the name of a thing doesn’t change its essence. When it comes to the word “self-care,” however, all bets are off.

Although the essence of self-care is to provide care for oneself, the term has many different meanings. It’s a word that women either love, love to hate, or possibly don’t even recognize. Importantly, how a woman responds to the word “self-care” could have a direct impact on her well-being.

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Healthy Skin = Healthy Immune System

As the body’s largest organ—about 30 square metres—skin’s primary role is to maintain a healthy barrier between you and potential harm from the elements, including sun and rain, bacteria and germs, and stress. But are <you> protecting this important ally of your immune system? (Continue reading…)


woman near reeds and water

Renewal through Rewilding

You may remember a version of your once-upon-a-time self who fearlessly pushed boundaries and was powerfully imaginative, magically creative, and shamelessly confident. Over time, you may have lost her. Have you started to sense that it’s time to find her again? (Continue reading…)

Permission to Love Yourself, Too

You’ve likely read that self-care is something we’re supposed to do, and maybe you’ve even dabbled in it on occasion. But women particularly have a hard time committing to it. Here’s how women in recent research feel about self-care and some tips to help you create your own personalized plan. (Continue reading…)

Listen To Your Gut

The internet is constantly atwitter with the latest diet strategies—what works, what doesn’t, and what to try next to shed that stubborn weight. That food has shifted from being a basic survival need to a potential source of health problems seems counter-intuitive. Is intuitive eating the answer to weight woes? (Continue reading…)

The Hormone Dance

From puberty to menopause and beyond, women are kept on their toes in an ever-changing dance with their hormones. Sometimes hormones can make you feel lousy—but you aren’t powerless. You simply have to change a few dance steps. (Continue reading…)

 The Ultimate Guide to Timeless Beauty

The privilege of growing older comes with some compromises, including having an exterior that may not match what we’d like to see in the mirror. Instead of throwing in the nonabrasive, organic cotton towel, there are simple strategies you can use to support your timeless beauty. (Continue reading…)

The Brain/Body Connection

From as far back as we know—and probably farther—our human system has perplexed and intrigued the deepest thinkers. Extraordinary theories abound in historical records about how our bodies and minds work and how other forces influence our behaviour, our health, and our lives. (Continue reading…)

Let Go Longer

Planning stress and thoughts about returning to work can potentially shorten the duration of your vacation health boost. Here are some strategies to help you “let go” for longer, so you can extend the benefits of your time away from the everyday. (Continue reading…)

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