There are so many distractions in our lives that often feel beyond our control. Like, you have to stop to eat even when you’re really, really in flow with a project that sets your heart aflutter.

But there are other non-essential distractions that can pull you off your path, too.

And if you are serious about creating meaning in your life, you want to become aware of and dissolve the power of these distractions.

Because getting really clear on what it is that you’re here to create and taking one step after another to bring it into being requires focus.

And guess what? Our society is not set up for you to maintain your focus. Instead, “shiny object syndrome” is intentionally designed to catch your eye so that you pursue someone else’s interests – potentially at the cost of your own.

For example, you could see an ad in your feed for a cool newfangled gadget, or cosmetic, or miracle fat burning product. And maybe it is in your highest and best interest to use that tool, so you stop to check it out. And maybe you even buy it.

But just as often, your succumbing to the lure of that bright, shiny object only served the purpose of the other person’s agenda. They wanted to sell you something. And in stopping to consider it, you might have momentarily (or longer) lost movement on your own path.

Or maybe the product made you question your worthiness to create the vision you have for your life. Cosmetics, fashion and fat-burning ads are really good at digging away at self-esteem. (You kinda need to believe in yourself to create a spectacular life.)

But let’s think for a minute about who benefits when you get sucked into posts about celebrity romances. Or the on-going glorification of recently deceased popular actors. Or the trifling shenanigans of royalty.

How is it of high service to your own meaning-making in this lifetime for you to get pulled into that story? Repeatedly and ad nauseum?

Who benefits?

Here’s who benefits: All the systems and programs that thrive when you’re a follower. When you keep your head down and play their game. And keep buying their stuff instead of revolutionizing the “stuff” industry. When you don’t demand more of yourself. When you don’t question status quo. When you don’t threaten to shake things up and create a better world. That’s who and what benefits.

And if you really are inspired by the lives of some of these celebrities, consider this: Did they achieve  their own success by getting caught up in gossip?

(I know there are *many* possible explanations for the wild success of some of these celebrities, but right now let’s stick with the idea that they succeeded because they were relentless in pursuit of following their purpose or passion.)

Be conscious of how much of your mental and emotional resources you re-direct to other people who you will never meet and with whom you will never have a relationship. I promise, they aren’t following your every move.

Turn it off. Tune in. Create your own superstar life – whatever that looks like for you.

Sending you love,


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