“Why can’t I figure this out?”

If you’re like most people, your mental chatter is an endless loop of questions about whether you are good enough or whether you’re where you should be in your life.

At midlife, the mind chatter can be relentless and harsh. And it’s not your fault: as humans our emotional set point and thoughts tend to run to the negative. Part of it is a survival thing.

(Is there a sabre-toothed tiger in the bush? What’s my best escape route?)

But part of it is social programming that has you focused on tinting your fading youth or being thin enough or giving to others ‘til you drop. You’re bombarded with constant reminders of your failings.

Yet, you have the power to shift it all. To reclaim your thought processes. To elevate your energy. To Become who You are meant to Be.

When you’re in the process of detangling your energy from the programming that has you constantly questioning your worth, it’s important to keep your focus on where you want to go and how you want to be.

You need to detoxify the poisonous messages that keep you stuck on the hamster wheel.

Like any other cleansing program, you have to eliminate the toxins (in this case, the social programming) and add in the good things.

Turn off the TV. Stop following the “news.” Listen to supportive podcasts. Read self-help books. Follow your curiosity. Tune inward. Listen to your own wisdom.

Add in healthy food. Move your body. Trust your inner wisdom. Amp up your connection with the Divine. Find a supportive community. Flood yourself with love.

And surround yourself with reminders that anchor in your vision for what’s next for you. A vision board. A recorded vision for your life that you listen to daily. Word art. Meditation, prayer or long walks in the woods.

Remember that elevating your thoughts (consciousness) and expression of yourself involves making shifts. It won’t just “happen.”

But it’s also not that difficult – despite what your mental chatter would have you believe!

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