There’s such a temptation to gloss over spiritual growth. To equate it with puppy dogs and rainbows and an easy road.

But growth is naturally messy and cyclical.

Look to Nature to be truthful.

We are much like seeds planted in the dirt. Blown by the autumn wind or passed through the body of a bird to wait out the winter. Seeds lie in their protective shell, resting until conditions favour the business of living.

And the winter can be bleak. Harsh. Cold. Lonely. Especially when you can’t simply Be in it. You have to get out of bed. Care for your people. Exchange energy for money so you can have a bed to curl up in.

And your own personal winter doesn’t have to align with the calendar. Winter can come at anytime. It can stay for seasons and often does. Even so, many people mirror the affects of seasonal winter in their own energy.

After the deep freeze, darkness and isolation of winter, comes the thaw. But neither is it predictable.

Freeze and thaw. Freeze and thaw. Wet and warm. Muddy. The seed case cracks open.

Proof of life emerges, pushing toward the light. The awakening. Reaching. Stretching. Deep roots connecting to what’s real. Yet always responding to the elements. Conserving precious water for dry times. Holding on tight during the flood.

And then the flower. Oh, the beauty of the flower! The earth laughs in flowers. Such joy.

Then petals fall, leaves curl and drop. Yet there is fruit. Delicious. Nourishing. Sustaining. Creating seeds.

Birds nibble the seeds and take to their wings. The cycle starts again.

But you can’t rush the cycle. When your winter comes, it’s yours.

You can’t ignore it or rush through it just as you can’t make spring weather get here any faster than it does. Sure, you can take a vacation to the sunny south for a shot of vitamin D and distraction, but winter will still be there when you get back to your home, waiting for you to finish it out.

So, if you are in winter, dig in and know that it will end when it ends, for it surely will. Spring will come.

And when your spring comes, it’s yours, too. It will arrive and gift you a renewed sense of who you are, and wisdom gleaned from all the winters you’ve weathered. This gift is yours from coming through the winter.

If you’re spiritual path has been bumpy, or slick or muddy or heavy lately, rest. Take care of yourself. Be quiet. Be. All is ok.

Sending you love,


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