I’ve often kicked around the idea of starting a virtual book club to discuss important books that help us on our individuals journeys of self discovery and creating the life we really want. And then the introvert in me gets overwhelmed and decides that that’s simply too extra for me right now.

But I still like the idea of sharing books that I have found to be impactful and offering up my two cents on whether it might be worth your time to give it a go. I also like the idea of an “offline” experience, where you go away and read the book, and then share your feedback with others.

So, here’s the first book I want to share. I heard the author Mary Morrissey speak on a summit, and something she said inspired me to look up her writing. I chose to start with Brave Thinking.

This book might be good for you if you’re bored with your life or are going through a rough patch but don’t feel like you have the tools in your belt to do anything differently. You know that old saw about insanity, and expecting a different outcome from repeating the same patterns? This book offers a step-by-step strategy for breaking out of your typical thoughts and behaviours and perceiving the world and yourself in a new way. It’s easy-to-follow and simply written.

My biggest take away was the idea that my *dream* will build *me.* In other words: once I’m clear on my vision of the life I would love to be living, I’ll have the clues about who I need to become in order to have that life. I’ve heard the concept before, but it really landed when I read this book.

If you’ve read Brave Thinking, what did you think? If I’ve inspired you to pick it up and give it a read, please come back and share your impressions.

Sending you love,
PS Find the book here https://amzn.to/47jpSNT

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