The other day as I was reading in bed, I heard a tight buzzing and felt a swish of air close to my head. I looked up from my book in time to see a moth land on the lampshade by my bed. Now I don’t often see moths in my house. In fact, I can’t remember the last time it happened.
So, I knew right away that there was a reason that he had come to visit and was making a big deal of it. I mean, he came right at my head!
It was a little unnerving having the moth right there in my room with me, so I scootched a little away from him and put down my book. I quickly checked in with Google to find out the spiritual significance of the moth, and what I learned seemed so obvious as I read it.
Similar to the butterfly, the moth represents change: the end of one thing so that something new can start. The moth is symbolic of a spiritual journey toward finding deeper meaning in life, and like the moth, many of us are drawn to the “light.”
A nocturnal being, the moth is guided by the light of the moon and is connected to feminine energies and intuitive discoveries. The moth shows up to remind us that the light we seek is inside of us. Your purpose, your truth, your intuition is the light that will guide you to your highest potential.
Yet, in our search for meaning, we’re often distracted by “artificial lights” that pull us off the path – like physical comforts or meaningless habits or toxic relationships that postpone the pursuit of a deeper truth. The moth shows up to remind us to get back to our natural light.
It’s not lost on me why the moth showed up in my own life right now. And as I reflect my journey to you, I also share the wisdom from my moth visit: Remember to tune in to your intuition and inner knowing as a guiding light. Acknowledge where artificial light is holding you to the wrong path and get back on course.
Sending you love,

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