First of all, if you haven’t read “Women Who Run with the Wolves” by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes, or the last time you read it you were in your 20s, do yourself a favour and read it again. I was given this book as a gift when I was a young woman in my 20s and I didn’t understand a word of it. The book sat on my bookshelf for decades until the summer before last when I pulled it out again.

This time, as I read, I was highlighting passages, taking notes and making journal entries while I read it. The book contains hardcore wisdom that I knew to be true.

And as this image passed through my feed today, what struck me most was that it so accurately describes my own recent journey:

A journey in which I found my voice again


A journey that opened the door to limitless imagination about what’s possible

But most recently, I realized power of my clairvoyance

Not clairvoyance in the way that most people perceive of it. (In fact, up until recently it was the way that I perceived of it, as well.) By this, I mean clairvoyance as a way of “seeing into the future” or “seeing into other dimensions.”

I don’t have that. (At least not yet.)

But clairvoyance – or clear seeing – simply means that my intuition *sees* things. I see a lot. I get intuitive hits when I look at a photo, for example (and nothing related to the photo). I see number runs and Angel numbers everywhere. I see a moth and take note of it. (See a recent post I made about it.) I see the fox in the field while on a car ride.

I notice things in the everyday world that lead to important discoveries for me beyond the run-of-the-mill get-through-the-day ways many people use their eyes. I also see things that people want to hide. (I know when you’re not being truthful.)

I don’t know necessarily that my clairvoyance is opening up as this quotation suggests, but I do know that I am aware of it much more than I ever was: How important it is and has been to how I navigate this world.

I’d love to know: Is your clairvoyance opening up? Or have you noticed another clair (way of knowing) becoming stronger? Do tell!

Sending you love,




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