Are you caught on the “over-thinker” hamster wheel?

There are WAY too many things going on when you look at this page. So many colours. So many designs.

It’s too much.

But if you’re honest, it feels familiar doesn’t it? Like the cacophony in your brain that keeps you shifting, deflecting – maybe alternating between zipping from here- to- there and crashing on the couch.

No wonder you’re feeling tired, anxious, possibly cranky and definitely ready to give your brain something else to do – like take a rest.

Would you like to give your brain a rest?

You can learn how to manage your thoughts so they aren’t managing your feelings, worries and physical wellbeing.

All you need to do is break a few (thought) habits and explore new ways of knowing and Be-ing.

Sound good?

Join the FREE

“Over-thinking Detox” 3-Day Virtual Event

July 11, 12 & 13

to help you get off the thinking treadmill and clear out a few of those thought bubbles.

You’ll cultivate a deeper connection between your mind + body and clear the pathway for your improved wellbeing.


Who? What? Why? How did we get here? (So much to think about!)

Before you can address any problem, you have to understand it. Learn the many ways that over-thinking is causing you harm and holding you back.


Over-Thinker’s Symptom Worksheet

Worksheet: Identify your Over-Thinking Patterns


Shifting perspectives

Learn how to halt hamster-wheel thinking in its tracks and rewrite your over-thinking habits


Over-Thinking Action Plan

Guided Meditation for “Letting Go”


Finding harmony

Today we’ll explore various ways to anchor in what you’ve learned and clear your path forward to creating the life you really want.


Embodiment Check-In

Embodiment Tracker

Live Q & A

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