Relaxation Lounge

Stop trying to “have it all”

We discuss two important questions that most midlife women ask: “Who am I now?” and “What’s next for me?” Tune in as we discuss how women are plugged in to what other people want and how this creates a loss of identity. Plus: what to do about it. Listen

house of lo

Becoming Your Own Alchemist

This episode is all about alchemy – transforming and transcending previous versions of ourselves. Learn how to start to think about your life in new ways. (That’s what alchemy means: turning the mundane into something marvelous!) Listen

Energy Fix

Optimizing Midlife

Cultural expectations and societal pressures, coupled with the fear of trusting that gut feeling (aka your intuition) can hold you back from stepping into your great health, wellness, and happiness. We touch on this and so much more in this episode. Listen


Meno Mindset

Forget About “Having it all”

If you’re feeling lost and needing a big ole re-set, this episode is for you. Learn:

  • How disconnecting from our bodies is wreaking havoc with our minds.
  • How to stop chasing other people’s dreams
  • Who is this new version of you and can you love her. Listen
Polly Warren

Create the Life You Want

Midlife is a time of change: our bodies, our relationships, kids leave home etc.  And so much change can often leave us questioning our identity and our reason for being here. Listen

Awakened Heart

Midlife Alchemy

As we age we go through midlife, a lot of  women experience a “what is next for me?” We see our reflection in the mirror and often wonder “who is this stranger staring back at me?” We may feel invisible – but we don’t have to disappear. Learn how midlife can be a powerful beginning. Listen


High Vibe Weight Loss

How to Get What You Really Want

A step-by-step strategy to uncover your aligned life and move towards it; what’s possible when women listen to their internal alarm system; how timing and understanding life-stages can remove the overwhelming urge to have it all at once; how to unplug from the program that tells us what we ‘should’ want; how hormones affect how you show up in your life; and so much more! Listen

Divine Health Podcast

Navigating and Embracing Midlife

In this episode, we discuss the power of our connection to nature; how to see aging as a gift and blessing and not as something to fear or dread; holding, nourishing and protecting your dreams; how to get started in creating your dream life and so much more!  Listen

I wrote that podcast

About the Book

Lisa joins host Larissa Soehn on the “I wrote that” podcast to discuss the concepts and inspirations behind her book Forget About Having It All. Listen


The Allsorts Podcast

Embracing Your Over 40 Mind + Body

We get into a lot of juicy territory here, from how women tend to stay silent on the challenges inherent in life’s transitions, from menstruation and menopause to motherhood and why this silence hurts us. We also talk about the very real challenges of getting older from overwhelm to alterations in cognitive function and why they occur. Listen

Natural Health Influencer

Making Sense of Midlife

In this episode, Lisa shares her insight and wisdom to help you navigate some of the rude awakenings that happen at midlife, focus on yourself and what you want and need, and practice self-acceptance so that you can make sense of midlife and create the life that you really want! Listen

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