“The key to well-being is to forget about having it all.”      Dr. Lisa Petty

Imagine what your day could be like if you made decisions based on what’s right for you. How much stress could you save yourself if you knew how create and – more importantly – keep boundaries around your time and energy? What if you could do that and not feel the slightest bit guilty? Can you imagine? 


This program combines private mentorship with Dr. Lisa, 6 Weeks of self-study, and group support. Using a tried-and-true formula, this program will help you release the burden of other peoples’ expectations so you can confidently create what you want in your life.

  • 6 weeks guided self-study course in the private Member’s Suite ($697)
  • Worksheets and resources ($27)
  • 3 x 50 minutes virtual one-on-one mentorship sessions with Dr. Lisa ($1,197 value) 
  • 3 x Voxxer messages ($97)


  • 6 weeks daily inbox inspiration ($97)
  • Lifetime access to the course 
  • Lifetime access to the Forget About Having it All™ Facebook Group (priceless)
  • Other fun surprises!

Total value: $2,115 USD

For a limited time, this program is available for $1497 USD!

  • Release unreasonable expectations about “having (and doing) it all”
  • Be able to carve out guilt-free time for yourself
  • Learn strategies to quickly recognize when to say “yes” and when to say a guilt-free “no”
  • Easily create and maintain boundaries around your time and energy
  • Find your voice because you have a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for
  • Have a well-formed strategy for supporting your health and well-being
  • Have compassion for yourself and for other women
  • Start to create the life you choose

For a limited time, the Forget About Having it All™ Project is only $1497.00 USD 

Or two payments of $847.00 USD



Are you ready to create the life you choose?

Change can be simple, but it often isn’t easy. Dr. Lisa has been helping women create change in their lives for over two decades. In your private mentorship sessions, you will uncover hidden blocks to your own success and chart out a personalized strategy for creating your life, your way – without the guilt that keeps many women stuck. Book now if you are ready to step into the next phase of your life.


With focused attention, you can easily identify all the hidden blocks to your well-being and learn simple strategies to prioritize where to direct your limited time and energy. 


Design a personalized mentorship program based on your own unique goals. Private sessions with Dr. Lisa are conducted virtually (phone or video conference) and are 50 minutes in duration.

  • Discover the hidden blocks to well-being in your life
  • Identify the negative impact of the expectations others place on you
  • Redefine your priorities based on what you want
  • Acknowledge the courage to make different choices
  • Learn to create and protect boundaries without guilt
  • Create a well-being plan you can keep
  • Finally stop feeling overwhelmed and exhausted
  • Be supported through the changes you create in your life
  • Step into leadership as an example to other women

One virtual session: $497
Five virtual sessions: $397 each
Ten virtual sessions: $297 each

*Sessions are 50 minutes


If you would like Dr. Lisa to present Well-Being  Key Notes or Workshops for your organization or company, please connect below.

Not sure which mentorship program is best for you? Schedule a no-obligation 30 minute Clarity Call. Once your call is scheduled, you will receive a confirmation email that includes a link to an Application form. This form must be completed and submitted before we chat!

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