Every week as I’m getting the compost, recycling and garbage bins ready to take to the curb for pick-up, I always think: Wow, it’s Tuesday again. Where did the past week go?

Have you noticed that days seem to blur together – especially now when we’re much more isolated and our worlds have shrunk? I’ve started to think a lot about how time flies. And that old fable seems to be true: Time does seem to move even faster the older I get. It makes each day to me seem a little more precious and inspires me to really use up each day that I get – which leads me to a story.

I was recently speaking with a client who has been considering a career change for some time now. As she was weighing the pros and the cons, and comparing the safe and responsible options with the more risky but clearly more exciting ones, I asked her how she would like to feel about her life when it was over. Which choice would she feel was the best use of her finite supply of days?

The answer to this question will be different for everyone, but I find it is a good one to separate the “what I really want” from “what others expect of me” factors. Of course, women have been well-trained to put the needs of others ahead of our own needs, but we get very little guidance as to how to have what we want in our lives – especially as we start to realize we likely have more days in the rear view mirror than there are on the road ahead. Research has shown that midlife women start to measure time by “what’s left” and to create an inventory of what else they’d like to achieve.

Have you started to think about what you want for the time you have left? What vision do you have for your life? I’d love to be inspired by you!

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