I have a love loathe/relationship with “high vibe” memes and shares on the Internet.
On the one hand, sometimes a meme’s insight touches me so deeply or hits the right energetic tone to tickle my funny bone that I want to hit that ❤️ button and share the heck out of it.
But I usually don’t, and here’s why:
I don’t want to be part of the problem.
And the problem is the superficiality of the positivity movement that often rings as hollow as a politician’s “thoughts and prayers” after a tragedy.
If you want to deepen your connection to yourself, your purpose and the Divine, you have to walk your talk. Uphill. Both ways. And be prepared to do it in a snowstorm.
(And if my Canadian reference to how our Baby Boomer parents got to school doesn’t make sense to you, then I’ll speak plainly: it’s a journey. Often an arduous one.)
Affirmations and positivity don’t heal deep, painful, wounds that anchor us in place. They’re not even proper band aids.
The memes I see that I *want to* share resonate for me because they reflect a small part of my journey or a lesson I’ve learned through doing the necessary healing and soul exploration. Often the funny ones capture the frustration of moving what feels like a boulder from my soul’s path, or finally freeing my rubber-booted foot from three feet of mud. Laughing at previous pain can be cathartic and add to the healing.
But the headline of the meme doesn’t tell the back story, so I don’t share it because I don’t want to mislead you or anyone else Into thinking that sparkly positivity is the answer for creating the life you want: Staying positive simply helps you head in the direction you’ve chosen. But you gotta keep walking…
How does this perspective land for you?
Sending you love,
PS reach out if you’d like to shift some energetic blocks that might be impeding your soul journey.
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