I’m starting to realize how messed up it is that we celebrate beginnings (the new year) in the midst of winter, at least in the northern hemisphere where I live.

In winter, we are oriented away from the sun, the giver of life. Winter, simply, is the season of death. At very least, it’s the season of rest. So, it can be really difficult to summon up “new juice” energy.

If you’re feeling this way, it’s ok. Let it go. Because winter really is about letting things fall away that you’re done with, or that no longer serve you.

I just experienced this awareness myself, and I’d like to share it with you.

I participated in a “new year” healing circle, and in the spirit of the winter season, the first step in our healing circle was to release anything that wasn’t working for us. Immediately I panicked. I’ve had a solid year of letting things go, as I’ve written about already. What else could I possibly have to release? I could feel the heart palpitations revving up.

I took a deep breath and did what I always do in healing work: I set an intention that if I have to know what needs to shift in order for me to heal and grow, then I allow it to come to my awareness. If it’s not something that I need to understand in order to release it, then I’m willing to simply let it go.

Initially, nothing happened. As I settled in to the “I guess I don’t need to know” place, I became aware of what I was letting go. I was letting go of the energy of “I can’t.”

Now, outwardly I might look like someone who dives in with both feet. And for sure I do that when I feel that something is aligned. But the deeper truth about my experience is that despite my outward bravado, there has always been this quiet voice deep within that whispers, “this will never work for you.”

I have experienced an ongoing battle between what I consciously want to create and my subconscious belief that it will never work for me. But in that healing circle, I gave myself permission to let that go: the heavy, sticky, painful belief that it will never work out for me. I immediately felt at peace.

The second part of the healing circle was to call in whatever was required for us to move into 2024. As soon as the healing started, I knew. I called in trust. I called in trust about my knowledge, my abilities, my intuition, my wisdom, and my cellular desire to help women trust in their own wisdom, purpose and path.

2024 is going to be an amazing year. A powerful year. A life changing year – even if it doesn’t kick in for you until the spring, or your birthday, or whenever your “new year vibe” shimmers into being.

If you agree with me, I invite you to join Wisdom Becomes Her. This isn’t just a Facebook group, it’s a movement. It’s a gathering place for women who are ready to support and honour themselves and each other to be the light. Are you feeling called? Join us here.

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