Have you noticed?

You can’t change a situation with the same thought processes that created the situation (or allowed it) in the first place.

You rethink the same thoughts. You spin your wheels. You get nowhere new.

It’s frustrating and exhausting and, frankly, it can make you feel stuck.

And it’s super common at perimenopause and menopause to feel *stuck.* Your life has changed so much – from your body to your relationships to your kids getting more independent and leaving home.

And despite your exhaustion, you want to feel good and make your life count for something. I mean: you still have decades of life ahead of you, right?

But for some reason, you don’t know your next step. You don’t even know who you are anymore. You certainly don’t know what you want next.

No one prepared you for this.

And so you think. And plan. But the ideas you have don’t light you up.

But what if I told you that you can’t see another way because you’re trapped in your own brain and your very polished, familiar thoughts repeating on a loop?

And like those blinders that keep horses from getting distracted by exciting things going on around them, you, too, limit your field of possibilities by sticking with what you know.

No wonder you’re worried about decades of perpetual boredom in your future.

But there’s good news!

If you want to shift into creating a joy-filled life that lights you up, you have to get out of your limited brain, and the habit of repeating steps you’ve already taken.

All you need to do is tap into your embodied wisdom – where all your answers lie.

If this resonates with you, send me an email and we can chat about the Midlife Alchemy © mentorship program. In this program, I teach you how to get out of your head and tap into your own innate knowing so you can discover your unique purpose and create the life you really, really want.

Until next time,

Many blessings,


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