What is Soul Gardening?

Gardening embraces the interconnectedness of all things. Earth. Sun. Water. Air.

We garden to enjoy the beauty of flowers and leaves.

We garden to grow our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs to nourish our bodies.

We garden to be with Nature. To commune with Mother Earth and feel a strong connection with Her. Bare feet on the ground.

We garden to fall back into our bodies. To stretch and move. To calm our minds. To increase the depth of our breaths. To relax the beating our hearts. To heal.

We garden for peace.

We garden as a way to love and honour the Earth.

We garden to feed the soul.

We connect with the divine in all that is.

We tend to our bodies.

We tend to the Earth.

We tend to our own beautiful soul journey.

We are soul gardening.

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