Wisdom Becomes Her

is more than a podcast. It’s a movement for women who are ready to embrace the wisdom that experience has brought and to tap deeper into intuitive ways of being. It’s time for women to bring our gifts into the world, to heal and to live with soul purpose!

Join wisdom channel and energy practitioner Lisa Petty and guest co-hosts who share their own “coming to wisdom” stories – and a little bit of what they’ve learned along the way.

It’s time, my loves.

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E3 How Do You Know?

Lisa and Marie Fleming Grant discuss the various “clairs” or ways that our intuition shows up for us. Do you recognize your own?

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E2 – Tapping into Wisdom

Lisa and Marie Fleming Grant share their perspectives on what wisdom is, and how it shows up for women. Plus, Marie describes her experience as a direct channel.

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E1 Types of Spiritual Awakening

Lisa and Marie Fleming Grant explain different experiences of spiritual awakening and discuss their own (ongoing!) journeys.

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